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Chances are, the last thing you think about is your air conditioner. You just expect to be comfortable. That’s why Rheem is the best choice you can make. We simply offer the finest air conditioning solutions in the business. Top-quality, innovative products with the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties and excellent service and support. All of this is why we confidently say, “Welcome to the new degree of comfort.”

Rheem Manufacturing Company began in 1925, when brothers Richard and Donald Rheem founded the company. Rheem has grown into one of the world’s only heating, cooling and water heating manufacturers.


Air Conditioners


Selecting an air conditioner for your home is a big decision. It’s an important investment today. It will play a key role in your home energy expenses for years to come. And when the summer heat is at its worst, you’ll want your family to have the best, most reliable cooling comfort possible. Here are a few things to consider.




Heat Pumps

Prestige-RA20As cold as it gets outside, you’ll heat up the productivity indoors. Rheem has the most comprehensive, feature-loaded lineup in the heating industry. Our super-efficient technology provides savings on both gas and electricity. Whatever Rheem heating option you choose, you can depend on energy-saving, cost-effective, reliable performance for years to come.




Packaged Units

Rheem package units can be purchased in configurations of hybrid heat pumps with gas back-up heat, air conditioner with gas heat known as a gas pack, and a heat pump package unit. Rheem package units are primarily produced for residential and light commercial use.


Rheem package units for residential systems come in the 2 to 5-ton range and can be purchased in horizontal or vertical flow configurations. Whether you need to install the package system on a roof or on the ground Rheem has a configuration for you. SEER ratings range from the minimum requirements by region to 81% AFUE and 16 SEER for top-tier systems. Added features for top tier systems include a two-stage scroll compressor and ECM variable speed blowers.



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